Massage Therapy

There is nothing quite like a Skin Spa massage to relax and unwind! With the absence of massage medium, this massage is conducted with special Thai-Massage Attire. It entails specialised body movements, stretching whilst applying the right pressure to specific areas of the body that are suffering from tension, exhaustion, strain and stress.

We are proud to introduce the first male Thai Masseuse at The Skin Spa. Isaac Gundani after 4 years of practising massage became a specialised Thai Masseuse in Cape Town South Africa and has had the opportunity to treat Paballo Moloi – a famous TV and Radio presenter, Sportsmen and Actors within South Africa.

Isaac brought back this therapeutic skill to Zimbabwe. The Skin Spa invites you to come and enjoy this unique experience and assures you complete release of negative energy and an awareness of a harmonised state of well-being


Thai massage The Skin SpaThai Massage The Skin Spa